Cutting Crew Fitness Privacy Policy

Who we share your data with

We do not share you data with any third-party services. Personal information provided during online orders is retained by Cutting Crew fitness for the purpose of providing membership contact info for our records, and to facilitate access to our fitness center.

How long we retain your data

Personal information provided to Cutting Crew Fitness will be retained for the duration of a user’s membership. Users may cancel their membership any time and have their personal information removed from our records.

Where your data is sent

We use PayPal for our online digital payment transmissions and refund processing.  All payment information is hosted via our payment processors’ domain.  This means your payments are transmitted directly to the payment processors’ highly secure servers without passing through or being hosted on our servers.  In addition, we use HTTPS Transport Layer Security (TLS) on our shop site, which encrypts data being transferred, authenticates that parties exchanging information are who they claim to be, and verifies that data have not been forged or tampered with.